36 days of earthquake in japan

is a 4 channel sound installation featuring a sonification of seismological data from 2011/3/10 - 2011/4/16 in japan.
the installation is combined with a video-screening of current time and magnitude.

you hear raw data of the channel BHZ (vertical broadband signal with a samplingrate of 20Hz).
the signal is played about 4000 times faster to make it audible.
one day lasts about 20 seconds.
besides this transformation in time, no other transformation is applied to the raw data.

the data of 4 different seismic stations in japan are played back by 4 loudspeakers:
MAJO: 36.5456696 E 138.2040558 N Honshu / Nagano
ERM: 42.0149994 E 143.1571960 N Hokkaido
JHJ2: 33.1152992 E 139.8137970 N Ko-jima
JOW: 26.8360004 E 128.2725067 N Okinawa

klaus filip
using the data from IRIS Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology