soundart by klaus filip
supported by noid

diagram from graham bell's patent of 1880

Using the principle of Graham Bell's invention "photophone", the installation features
- a direct translation from different sounds into light
- multiple lamp transmission of this optical sound signal and
- a transformation back into sound at the headphones.

all the lights in a room embed sound

There are no sounds in the room that can be heard without our especially developed headphones, only gently pulsing lightbulbs can be seen.

The headphones are equipped with seperate light to sound circuits on each side, thus the light-signal reaching one side will be transformed into sound directly to the according ear. With these headphones you will hear every light bulb transmitting a different sound.

Walking inside the installation you create your very personal soundscape by physically mixing the sound-sources.
Think of it as a multiple speaker installation with the big difference, that the light signals only reach your ear optically, which means, only if you "look" at a bulb with your ear you will hear it.
The sound mixing effect of moving between the bulbs, turning your head and so on is drastically different than in a conventional speaker installation.
Also you can add actions like shading the the bulbs with your hands, swing the bulbs or bang your head.

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UBU    Zagreb    Croatia    march 2017

IMA    St.Pölten    Austria    dec 2015

music unlimited    Alter Schlachthof Wels    Austria    nov 2015

CMMAS    Morelia    Mexico    feb 2014

Museo Universitario del Chopo    Mexico City    feb 2014

Qorikancha    Cusco    Peru    feb 2014

Espacio Fundación Telefónica    Lima    Peru    jan 2014

una casa    Buenos Aires    Argentina    jan 2014

La Cupola     Cordoba    Argentina    jan 2014

Casa Colmena     Mendoza    Argentina     jan 2014

Lumen festival    Punta Arenas     Chile     dec 2013  lumen

tsonami festival     Valparaiso    Chile     dec 2013

cantabrian society of sonic artists     Christchurch     New Zealand     nov 2013

bogong electric festival     Australia     nov 2013

klangmanifeste Wien A 2012

fluss Wolkersdorf A 2011

Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf A 2010

Radlab Gallery Kyoto JP 2010