sonic luz

The comeback of the optosonic synthesiser.

live performance by noid and klaus filip
bringing the technology of optosonic synthesizers into the era of DIY.

Most traditional synthesisers put a strong emphasis on reproducibility and the stability of pitch.
Therefor they need big and complex mechanisms usually realised inside a black box.
For Sonic Luz the priority is a maximum of flexibility and the possibility for haptic
interaction on all the parts of the tone production.
By moving the lamps, the toneweels, the light sensors on the table, or changing the discs,
the composition of the sounds is manipulated, quickly and intuitively.
The machine has no interior that could possibly be hidden,
everything is laid open for the audience and generates a performative aspect of great beauty.

some photos

our performances so far:
21.01.2017 17 jahre brut @ künstlerhausviennaA
21.03.2017 imafocus @ salon izidor kršnjavizagrebCRO
22.04.2017 sonic luz @ roter ballon grätzlgalerieviennaA
03.06.2017 salon elise#2 klangraum fröbelgasseviennaA
12.08.2017 workshop @ punctumprahaCZ
12.08.2017 performance @ punctumprahaCZ
20.08.2017 sanatory of sounds #4sokolowskoPL
23.09.2017 paraflows festival garnisongasse 7viennaA
12.10.2017 workshop @ University of Applied Sciencesst.pöltenA
13.10.2017 imafocus optical sound @ freiraumst.pöltenA
21.10.2017 w/ taku unami ftarritokyoJP
25.10.2017 seoul international computer music festivalgwangjuKOR
30.10.2017 meridian spacebeijingCN
02.11.2017 loopyhangzhouCN
03.11.2017 workshop @ zeijan universityhangzhouCN
05.11.2017 workshop @ audible areachengduCN
06.11.2017 audible areachengduCN
10.11.2017 dotolimpic festival mullae art spaceseoulKOR
18.06.2018 cinema visionarioUdineITA
29.06.2018 Hundred Years GallerylondonGB
30.06.2018 northern quarterhuddersfieldGB
02.07.2018 culture labnewcastleGB
03.08.2018 electric eclecticsmeaford, ontarioCAN
08.08.2018 pix film gallerytorontoCAN
10.08.2018 silence.guelph, ontarioCAN
12.08.2018 casa del popolomontrealCAN

the technology:

some of our tone wheels:

contact: ease at klingt dot org


!! lecture/workshops about optosonics !!


Optosonics is a forgotten technology that was widely in use to store, transmit or manipulate information in the beginning of the 20th century.
In fact most early synthesizers were based on optical generated sound.
have a look into a brief history of optical synthesis by derek holzer

and it was used for the soundtrack of movies
a youtube video about "Sound on Film" from 1943