Klaus Filip & Nicolaj Kirisits 2018
Two laser beams are sent through a water vapor cloud. The light of these lasers is visualised and refracted by the aleatory disorder of the internal structure of this ephemeral mist object. Thereafter, the laser beams are relayed to the listening station (which is situated aprox. 50 -100 m away from the mist object) via mirrors.
The breaks and tempi become audible sounds, according to the idea of the photophone (Graham Bell, 1880), by means of two photocells which are mounted at the listening station.

The laser beams measure different locations inside the cloud. Due to the stereophonic interception situation, rooms resulting from the difference of the internal disorder of the water vapor are acoustically opened up.
The compositon of the density of the mist is realized with an arduino board controlling a 4 channel water valve. Each channel controls the water flow to different fog nozzles and water sprinkler producing different audible sensations.

As the soundinstallation is a land art project it should reflect the specific situation of the site where it will be build up. The size of the project should be 50-100 m long. The first version of soundcloud was built up at the „from nothing to something“ festival 2018 at Lindabrunn / Austria curated by Franz Xaver.

the receiver tower